Add a Workspace

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    A Group is used to structure your work and to collaborate with a specific set of people.

    Name your workspace after a department, client, team or project (e.g. “HR”, “Intranet” or “Project Pillow”). You can then invite collaborators and add apps to the workspace to get your work done.

    Create a new workspace

    Any member of an organisation can create workspaces within that organisation. External members that belong to your Organisation cannot create workspaces in an organisation they do not belong to.

    To create a new workspace, mouse over the organisation and three black bars will appear on the right, click on the three black bars and ‘Create a workspace’ and ‘Remove Organisation’ appear, Click ‘Create a workspace’

    Add a Workspace 1

    After clicking ‘Create a workspace’ you are asked to

    • Name the workspace
    • Choose an Icon
    • Choose a background colour or keep the default
    • Choose a foreground colour or keep the default
    Add a Workspace 2

    When you’ve created the workspace then it’s time to add some apps.