Notification Overview

Table of Contents

    No matter the size of your organization you will have a lot going on in each of your workspaces. Setting up your notification settings ensures that you don’t miss any important updates and notification overload. 

    You will only receive updates for the things you need to know about.

    Voxxi comes with a set of default notification channel preferences already enabled that you will receive, keeping you automatically updated for the following types of content.

    • Workspaces you’ve created
    • Apps that you’ve created
    • App records that you’ve created
    • App records that you’ve edited or commented on
    • Tasks that are assigned to you
    • Tasks that you have assigned or have commented on

    You can turn individual or multiple notifications off or on at any time in your notification center preferences and these preferences will only apply to you.

    If you change a setting, the change is made immediately to your account.