Adding guests

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    Share Recored or Workspace

    On any record that you open you will see a Share button in the top of the record. 

    Adding guests 1

    You can add Guests to a single record

    Single record access

    Guests can’t create new items, see the app or anything else in the workspace. But they can interact with the record by commenting, editing the item, liking the item or its comments, and other types of interactions with single record access

    Sharing with read-only access

    Organizations on the Pro tier have the option of sharing a single record with read-only access

    Member management

    On the workspace member management page you have a full overview of all your workspace members, including all the guests.

    You can remove guests from the entire workspace (revoking their access to all items in one go) and get a list of any items in the workspace they have access to. And of course you can invite them to the entire workspace.