Marketplace Submissions

Table of Contents

    Share your Workspace

    Share your Workspace template to the Marketplace so anyone can use it for their own needs.

    You should ensure that you have covered the following areas

    • Title: Make this relevant to what the Workspace sets out to achieve
    • Description: Describe what the Workspace dose, who it is aimed at, the advantages of using it and the more information the better.
    • Featured Image: Choose an image that suits what your workspace is about
    • Categories: Choose up to 4 categories
    • Tick Box: If you want to submit your workspace for approval to the Marketplace, tick this box

    Note: Please ensure that the information you submit in the Workspace is;

    • Not offensive in its skew, language, content or in anyway
    • Content is not sensitive information, keep it generic

    Important: Once your workspace has been approved and submitted to the Marketplace, the version in the marketplace can not be edited. You can edit your own version in your profile account.

    Additional: Each workspace in the Marketplace has a comment area where questions and comments about the workspace are submitted, this can range from bugs, issues, how to’s, recommended improvements and complements.

    Each time a comment is made, the submitter will receive a notification with a link back to the comment section where they can reply.