Voxxi Security

Table of Contents

    Key elements

    Here are some key elements about security at Voxxi:

    • Customer-uploaded data is hosted on Amazon S3 servers
    • HTTPS Encryption on all data between the Voxxi service and the client web browser. Login without encryption is non-optional. Voxxi servers are fire-walled and only those services which are required to be running are listening. Connections between servers are made using encrypted secure tunnels
    • Voxxi employees do not and can not access customer uploaded data in Voxxi without prior customer consent.
    • No super-user account exists in the organization. All accounts are private to each individual user
    • Read our privacy policy here: https://voxxi.io/privacy/
    • All data is backed up nightly and copied to another off-site location
    • Multiple client libraries available
    • Import/export data or connect external services to Voxxi via the API
    • Regular security audits are carried out by internal Voxxi security team