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    Social or Email login

    Choose which process you would like to use to login to Voxxi

    • Google authentication
    • Your email.


    Google social authentication – Click the blue button with ‘Sign up with Google’. A window will popup for the Google login process and interaction permission with Voxxi. Once confirmed, you will be sign you in.


    Login to Voxxi with your email

    Login to Voxxi

    Remember me

    When you login to Voxxi, you can select whether or not you’d like to stay logged in after you close your session. If you select this option, you will stay logged in until you manually log out of Voxxi.

    If you deselect the checkbox you will be logged out when you close your browser. We recommend choosing this option if you are on a shared computer.

    Lost or forgot your password

    Lost or forgot your password? Use this link and enter your email address to receive password reset instructions.

    Forgotten Password to login to Voxxi