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    Below you can view various features that are available on each Voxxi plan or you can go to our Pricing page

    Voxxi Pricing

    Voxxi is forever free software for everyone. The free version allows 5 employees and 5 external members across your workspaces.

    If you upgrade your organization, you will pay for all employees in your workspaces (including the first five). The price per employee depends on the tier you choose.

    To upgrade your account must have its own domain associated with it, eg. you cant have a paid account if you signed up with a free email account like Gmail, Yahoo or anothers.


    If you have 6 employees in your organization and choose the Basic plan, you would pay $60 per month ($10 x 6 employees).

    We offer a 20% discount if you choose an annual plan.

    If you have 6 employees in your organization and choose the Plus plan, you would pay $720 per year (compared to $900 after twelve one-month payments).

    A valid credit card is required in order to upgrade. Once upgraded, all employees are then able to access the extra features included in their plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If a member is in two different workspaces in the same organization and both workspaces are upgraded, will I pay for that person twice?

    No, the employee will only be charged once since both workspaces are in the same organization.