Free version features

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    What can you do with a free account?

    With a free account at Voxxi you can have up to 5 employees in your workspaces.

    An employee is a person registered with an email address under your organization’s company domain.

    You can also have up to 5 external members in your workspaces, which are people registered under any other domain. 

    All employees have the ability to create workspaces and apps. While you can have admins for your workspaces, your account will not have an overall administrator. Instead, all members within your Employee Network will have the same permissions.

    On a free plan, you has 1 gigabyte of storage and you can create up to 500 and items in your organization, across all your workspaces and apps. An item here refers to an item entry made in an app. Tasks or attachments do not count as separate items. Find out more about what is an item, app and workspace.

    You have access to most Voxxi features with the free version. You can upgrade from the free version to get access to our Upgrade Features.