Sharing a single record

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    If you want to share a single record in an app with someone that doesn’t have access to the workspace its an easy process

    Open the record you wish to share and at the top of the record screen you will see the 5 items depicted in the screenshot below, click ‘Share’

    Sharing a single record 1

    If the recipient you are sharing the record with doesn’t yet have a Voxxi account, they will receive an email notification and will only need to set up a password to view the record. 

    Existing Voxxi users that you are sharing the record with will get a notification to let them know a record was shared with them.

    Once you’ve shared a record with someone, they are now a guest on that record and will appear on the list you get from clicking on the number just to the right of the share button. 

    You can easily revoke access from here later, should you need it. Similarly, guests will be able to see a list of all other workspace members and guests on one big list so they know how many people can see what they see. 

    Guests can’t create new items, see the app or anything else in the workspace. But they can interact with the record by commenting, editing the record, liking the record or its comments, and other types of interactions. 

    Sharing via @mention

    If you’re working with a record and you want to @mention someone who is not in the workspace, we’ll give them guest access to the item. That way you can easily bring people in to work with you even if they do not already have access. 

    Sharing with read-only access

    Organizations on the Plus and Pro tiers of Voxxi get access to the read-only item share option. 

    Member management

    On the workspace member management page you have a full overview of all your workspace members, including all guests. 

    You can remove guests from the entire workspace (revoking their access to all items in one go) and get a list of any items in the workspace they have access to. And of course you can invite them to the entire workspace.